Eating Vegetables is Vital For Your Health

Avocado – fruit oil is the highest amount contained. Fruit is a rare element giving high food energy value. Contains no starch, little sugar and very few carbohydrates, 14 minerals, all of which regulate body functions and stimulate growth.

Broccoli – High in vitamin A and C. Low in calories. Best if eaten with proteins because the combination helps drive amino acids to the brain.

Cauliflower – A sulphur vegetable is a lot easier to digest than cabbage, but it is gas – forming because of high phosporus content.

Celery – An alkaline, protective food, aids digestion, counteracts acidosis, halts fermentation and purifies the bloodstream. It can help clear up high blood pressure. The sodium in it will neutralize acids in the body and since it is one of the best foods for keeping the body well, celery can be a brain tonic. The richness of potassium, sodium and sulphur can be found on its leaves.

Cucumber – cooling effect on the blood, has alkaline and is non-starchy. A wonderful digestive aid, purifying effect on the bowel and very beneficial to the skin. In hot summer heats, cucumber cools the blood.

Greens – Are the healers of the body. They bring in chlorophyll, carotene and calcium, all important to the healing process. Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, Kale, Spinach etc.
Kale – Very high in calcium, vitamin A and iron. Builds strong teeth, and is beneficial to digestive and nervous system.

Seeds – Food that have seeds are the greatest foods for us. The glands of the plant are the seeds. Foods with seeds help us nourish the glands, nerves, and brain. Pumpkin seeds in the diet may actually prevent cancer in the prostate.

Squash – all squashes are low in calories, high in fiber and easily digested. Great for the eliminative system, they produce absolutely no gas in the intestinal tract. Winter squash contains more vitamin A than summer squash. Yellow squash and Zucchini Squash have higher water content and are associated to summertime foods while the harder squashes such as acorn and butternut etc. are associated to autumn and winter. Watermelon is in the squash family of foods and because of its high water content is associated to summer heat due to the fact watermelon cools the blood.